How to Choose a Hair Clip as a Gift for Your Loved One

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Looking for a simple, practical, and economical gift idea that can add chic and flair to any look? Nothing could be as versatile as hair clips. Not only do they make use of one of the greatest beauty assets – the hair, but they can be used by anyone with any hair style (long, medium, short). When selecting a hair clip as a gift for your loved one, here are some things to consider:

What length of hair do they have?

Long and medium-length hair usually means higher volume, so the hair clip needs to be able to hold more hair and keep it in place. This is especially true if the user plans on using the hair clip as a substitute for a hair tie, where the hair pin needs to be big enough with enough grip.

Our recommendations for medium to long hair:

For short hair, various barrettes and alligator hair clips can be sufficient to hold the hair together. These types of hair clips can also be used for medium to long hair. Here are our top picks for barrettes and alligator hair clips for short hair:

What thickness of hair do they have?

The thicker the hair, the larger the hair clip and the grip must be to hold the hair up or in the desired position. Claw hair clips are especially great for thick or voluminous hair, including curly hair. These hair clips range in claw size. Some may use smaller claws for parting a smaller section of the hair, while some may use larger claws for holding a larger section of the hair together. Why not buy a few different sized ones, so your loved one can pick and use different ones for different occasions? We have pre-selected these 3 claw hair clips for you, ranging in size for maximum versatility and options for everyday use:

 What’s their personal style or preference?

Hair clips can be used to achieve various different styles. Whether it be feminine, tomboy, classic, modern, edgy, or chic look that they’re after, there are hair clips for every style and preference. For a more feminine look, try the Hand Made Chignon with Flowers. For a more casual or classic look, try the Small Tortoise Prong Beak Clip with Crystals and Studs. For men or those with short hair, the Mini Black Plastic Clamps are the perfect choice for versatility. Looking for something elegant, that can pair well with a nice dress or evening gown? The Gold Color Metal Beak Clip With Teeth will surely dazzle and bring out their beauty.

What are their favorite colors, ornaments, or decorations?

If you know that your loved one has a specific liking towards certain colors, flowers, animals, or pearls, you can get hair clips that have some of these elements. For example, if you know that they prefer something simple with one solid color, you might want to consider the French Small Open Rectangle Tort Crock. Conversely, if they like lots of colors or a busier design, the Black Sleepies with Bright Floral Print might appeal to them. Don’t forget – you can browse’s selection of hair clips by color!

If they like crystals, try the Large Metal Colored Enamel Beak Clips with Crystals. Are they horse or butterfly enthusiasts? There are Silver Colored Horse Motive Sleepies and Epoxy Pink Butterfly Shaped Metal Sleepies.


Whatever your loved one’s hair type, length, personal style, and preferences are, has you covered! Browse our wide selection of hair clips here. If there is a particular hair clip you have in mind, and you don’t see it listed, contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Happy Gifting!!


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