Our Story

How It All Started and What Kept It Going

GladHair.com has been around since 2009. How did it all start, you might ask?

gladhair ownerFor as long as Natalia could remember, she has always dreamt of owning her own business. When the opportunity arose and she had to choose what type of product she would like to work with, she looked at her night stand and saw a beautiful hair clip that she had previously brought from Europe. The decision was DONE! GladHair.com was born and 12 years later, it was simply the best decision she had ever made.

After more than a decade of running the online store and working on the hair accessories venture, it is still her most beloved “hobby”. She loves selecting and curating new products for stock, taking product photos, packing orders, and knowing that our products make customer smile or brighten their day. At the end of the day, it’s the satisfaction from knowing that my customers are happy with their purchase!

The Story behind the GladHair Logo

gladhair logo with an arrow pointing at star fish hair clip

You might be wondering about the story behind the GladHair logo. The logo was inspired by a star-shaped hair clip that Natalia bought back in 2003 during her university years. She had saved the money for something else, but could not pass the most beautiful hair clip with gorgeous stones. At that time, she had no idea that she would hold on to it for over a decade, and that it would become a symbol of her e-commerce venture.

star shaped hair clip with stones

This is the actual hair clip that was the inspiration for the GladHair logo

What We Offer

Our store provides an exceptional selection of hair accessories that are inspired by European styles and quality. We are lucky to work with the best suppliers and manufactures that give utmost attention to every hair clip. Whether you're looking for combs or clips, bans or barrettes, we strive to offer only the best available options.

At GladHair, we strive to be top-of-the-line customer service amongst all of our competitors, giving you exactly what you hope for and deserve.

Looking Forward

We are always adding new products and product lines to our inventory. We are also open to your ideas and suggestions!

Please take some time to look through our current selection. You will see many beautiful hair accessories, including large and small hair clips, alligator hair clips, beak clips, hair pins, barrettes, banana clips, headbands, hair clips for men, hair twists and crystals, and hair sticks. Our selection is always expanding, so be sure to visit often to see the latest availabilities. 

We appreciate your business and taking the time to visit our website.
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