Swarovski Bobby Pins with Pink Crystal Stones - Pair

Swarovski Bobby Pins with Pink Crystal Stones - Pair

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Bobby pins are a quick and easy way to help out with keeping your hair styled. Swarovski bobby pins with crystal stones can add flare and glamor to what would normally be an ordinary up-do.

This style of bobby pin can be worn for many different occasions; Bridesmaids for their French twists, ballerinas for the big recital, birthday party princesses or even a night on the town for the ladies. These crystal embedded accessories are sure to compliment any special outfit for those memorable events.

The Swarovski crystal bobby pin is available in black, red, purple, pink or blue to make it is easy to match with any shade of hair or color of clothing, or mix and match for an extra unique look. Whether you choose to wear your hair down in the cool breeze, or up tight on a hot day, keeping it in place with a sparkling accessory is something you cannot go wrong with. The only hard part for your special day should be deciding how you want your hair styled.

For short, medium and long hair

Size: 5.5 cm long (~2.25 in) and 1.5 cm diameter (~0.5 in)

Purple, Black - pin is 2 in

Red, Blue - pin is 1.5 in

Made in Europe.