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Product Image Silver Swirl Crystal Comb

Silver Swirl Crystal Comb

$10.95 USD

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Length: 2 inches
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Every woman loves to look and feel her best. Fashion and style plays an important part in allowing a lady to stand out amongst the rest. Even more, finding just the right accessory to any ensemble always has an impact on her overall appearance. For instance, the Silver Swirl Crystal Comb 5cm accessory always makes a bold fashion statement in a classy and subtle manner. 

The Silver Swirl Crystal Comb 5cm hair accessory can compliment any elegant semi-formal or formal outfit. Even more, this comb can also adorn a glamorous wedding gown, because of its graceful yet chic appearance. The hair should at least have a little thickness to its texture, so that the comb will securely stay in place. Furthermore, this unique accessory is usually worn in a traditional or contemporary upswept hairstyle, and since it attracts so much attention to its beauty, additional accessorizing should be limited. This fabulous comb is a stunning addition to any wardrobe.

Size of the comb is about2.5cm(~1in) and swirl is about 5cm(~2in)

Comes in cream gift box.