Silver Sleepies with Coloured Daisy Top - Pair

Silver Sleepies with Green Coloured Daisy Top - Pair

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The Silver Sleepies with Colored Daisy Top is a clip you can wear in your hair for casual occasions. The basic clip portion is constructed from a metal with a polished silver finish. It uses the new snap design in securing the item into place. This makes it a clip that can be easily worn by children as well as adults. On the end of the piece is a decorative daisy with enamel colored petals and sparkling center gemstone. These flower decorations are small in size which makes the piece a subtle feminine item to wear. 

You also have the option of choosing different colors of this clip. The flower petals are available in red, black, blue, purple and pink enamel. This makes the item more versatile in design so you can select a color that matches the outfit you want to wear it with. The flowers would add a nice touch to a dress or shirt with a floral pattern. The lighter shades of the pink and blue would work well for people with blond or red hair, while the darker colors would be more vibrant set against dark colored hair. Little girls could also wear this piece for dressy occasions as well as casual ones.

Silver Sleepies with Coloured Daisy Top - pair

Size: 4cm (~1.75 in)

For short, medium and long hair.