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Product Image Large Beak Clip Natural Colored Animal Print - Pair

Large Beak Clip Natural Colored Animal Print - Pair

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Length: 5 inches
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Metal hair clip

The large beak hair clips are ideal for women of all hair lengths, textures, styles and colors. They are easy to use, strong and sturdy, all while being flexible enough for multiple hair styles. Because the beak of the clip is large, it opens wide to accommodate those with thicker or longer hair. Simply pull hair up into a ponytail, twist it and secure it with the large beak clip. This hair accessory is perfect for ladies who are on the go and just don't have time to spend on trying some intricate hairstyle.

With the large beak clips, you can either dress up your hairstyle or fix it to be more casual. The animal print on the clip helps to add a splash of color and even some excitement to any outfit. Whether you're going to a formal dinner party, a wedding, the kid's soccer game or just a quick trip to the grocery store, these clips will work for you. It can be used with some or all of your hair to add some spark to the average ponytail, bun or any up-do. They are fun and easy to use, and helpful for the busy women in the world.

Large Beak Clip Natural Colored Animal Print - 13cm

Style1 - White with brown and orange spots

Style2 - Leopard Color white-black-brown

Style3 - White with black and brown spots

Style4 - White with orange spots with a little bit of black

Style5 - Orange and black spots