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Product Image French Fashion Hair Claw Zebra Decoration

French Fashion Hair Claw Zebra Decoration

$14.95 USD

Length: 3.5 inches
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Made in France

This hair accessory is very versatile, it suits all hair types and all natural hair colors. It could be worn with anything from a basic denim outfit, to a elegant gown. it wouldn't go well with colors that do not compliment well with brown. So your best bet with this accessory would be light blues, browns, whites and black. if you're a more racy woman a leopard print would compliment beautifully with the hair claw.

Frizzy hair would be no problem for the accessory, it could easily hold your hair in place however you style it. Straight hair would be perfect for it, styled up in a bun or any style for the matter. The hair claw would also enhance the color of your eyes if you have hazel to dark colored eyes. This product is perfect for just about any situation or scene. From work to the club it just blends well with any and all outfits and places you would wear or go to.

For medium and long hair.

Size: 9 cm (~ 3.5 in)

Made in Europe