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Product Image Deluxe Honey Tokyo Style Automatic Ponytail Holder

Deluxe Honey Tokyo Style Automatic Ponytail Holder

$15.50 USD

SKU: car5202
Length: 2.5 inches
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Made in France

This deluxe automatic ponytail holder is an attractive addition to any hairstyle. Whether you're rushing off to class, eating out at a fancy restaurant or the nearest fast food establishment, the simplicity of the design is a touch of sweet innocence for the wearer. It's something that works for any occasion. With a fashionable reddish-brown color flowing across the front like the river of another world, the glistening silver clasp in the back makes it easy to use for stress-free styling.

It's the kind of hair accessory that caters to any outfit you could think of, from your old pair of sweats to your best business suit. Not only that, this Tokyo style ponytail holder compliments any hair color, be it brown, black, yellow or red. And there's no need to ponder on if it could work for you; as long as your hair is long or medium, this barrette can hold it strongly for as long as you need it to. When letting your hair down isn't an option and it can't be too much, a ponytail holder is a becoming way to go.

For medium and long hair

Size: 6 cm (~2.5 in)

Material: Celluloid
Manufacturer: French
Hand made plastic: No
Hand painted: No Style: Classic Size: Ex-Large