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Product Image Daisy Crystal Hair Pins - Pair

Daisy Crystal Hair Pins - Pair

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Length: 3 inches
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Daisy Crystal Hair Pins are comprised of genuine glass crystals and will complement many hair types and styles. The pins are made of metal and can attach to a ponytail or secure an updo. The edge each pin is decorated with a daisy made of sparkly glass crystals. The glass crystals will sparkle most in dark hair because of the contrast of their light color. This type of product will work in any hair type, but will stay particularly well in thicker hair.

Suitable for both casual and fancy outfits, Daisy Crystal Hair Pins are sparkly enough for a little girl to wear, but still sophisticated enough for an adult. These pins may be worn to any occasion from church, to school, to prom or just to go out to dinner. You can wear Daisy Crystal Hair Pins in a ponytail, a bun, an updo or wear your hair down and pull back a few strands, adding a pin for just a little bit of sparkle.

Daisy Crystal Hair Pins - 7cm (3in)

Made of Genuine Glass Crystals