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Product Image Black & White Combination Mode Hump Barrette

Black & White Combination Mode Hump Barrette

$12.50 USD

SKU: CAR1138
Length: 4 inches
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The elegant, smooth metal and plastic, black and white hair barrette is perfect for all uptown social events. It coordinates well with any casual nice, to very nice outfit. The sophisticated smooth texture affords it's sleek luxurious look. It is casual enough for those office dress slacks, and dressy enough to go with your favorite velvety, black evening gown. Our barrette sets well in medium-thick to very-thick hair of any color.

It looks best in thick, straight hair, although hair with quite a bit of body will work too. This barrette is 4 inches in length and approximately 3/4 inch wide and is worn comfortably high on the head or at the back of the head. You will find our black and white barrette light in weight, fun and easy to wear. It simply clips in and holds tight, you will not have to adjust it all day. It stays in place very well.

For long hair

Size: 10cm (~4 in)