Large Crink Hair Pins - Pair

Large Crink Hair Pins - Pair

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These Large Crink Hair Pins in Tortoise Shell and Crystal are truly unique. They're ideal for long hair only. These hair pins are 3 ½ inches in length. 

Wear these clips to any occasion. You can dress them up or down. Wear them with a white tee shirt and jeans. For an evening out, wear them with a red or Emerald green cocktail dress. They even go perfectly with whites, beiges, and cream colors. 

These hair pins are highly functional as well. You can clip sections of your hair back while styling, blow drying, color, or relaxing it. 

The Large Crink Hair Pins in Tortoise Shell and Crystal are very easy to take in and out of your hair. Once they're in, they'll leave a little wave in your hair. Your hair will "crink" because of them, which gives them their unique name. 

These hair pins are from the manufacturer, Caravan, who are known for creating elegant, fashion forward, and affordable hair accessories.

The large crink hair pins are perfect for any age. Women, teenagers, and children will all love them. They go perfectly on everyone as long as they have long hair. These hair pins also look great on every hair color and hair type.


Large Crink Hair Pins in Tortoise Shell & Crystal

Forr long hair

Size: 9 cm (~3.5 in)

Material: Celluloid
Manufacturer: French