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Crystal Butterflies on Black Enamel Grips - Pair
Crystal Butterflies on Black Enamel Grips - Pair

Crystal Butterflies on Black Enamel Grips - Pair

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SKU: inc7957-2-16
Length: 2.5 inches
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The crystal butterflies set against the black enamel grips have a bold, yet beautiful statement. The crystals which form the four wings are cut with many facets to give off a beautiful glint while being highlighted by the bold black body and grips. The grips can be clipped behind the hair so that only the butterflies will show.

This type of jewelry can be worn in your hair for formal dining events, or they can be clipped to a blazer lapel for a subtle hint of elegance at the office.

Placing them in black hair will accentuate the crystals while blending well with the black body of the butterflies. In auburn hair and blond hair, the black body of the butterflies with stand out and the crystals will add shimmering highlights.

You can wear the crystal butterflies in your hair for formal attire, on the lapel for business attire, and in your hair for casual attire. For the casual attire ensemble, think of the butterflies in a whimsical way, with maybe a pony-tail and the butterflies clipped in the hair. It will give a young girl a special look which is glamorous, yet playful.

Size: 6cm (~2.5 in)

For short, medium and long hair.