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Product Image French Mini Twist Barrette Tortoise Shell - Pair

French Mini Twist Barrette Tortoise Shell - Pair


SKU: CAR341-2
Length: 2.75 inches
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This attractive French mini twist barrette tortoise shell pair looks great for any occasion; casual events or formal events. The twists are what make this barrette pair so attractive, not to mention the shade of the color in them.

This particular shade of colors looks fabulous with red hair, strawberry blond, or a medium brown hair color. Ultimately, any hair color will blend in well with the tones in this pair. They are designed specifically for medium to long hair. If a person has shorter and is thicker, these barrettes will stay in well and work, as well.

Many young ladies add this type of barrette to a French braid. The twists in the French mini twist barrette tortoise shell pair blends in perfectly with braids. They also hold to hair better than most other types of barrettes.

For ladies that have red hair, they know that there are only certain colors that they can wear for clothes or in their hair or else they just won't look right. Some colors seem to clash with red hair. There is approximately two percent of the world's population that are born with red hair. This French mini twist barrette tortoise shell pair not only has its own unique and stylish twist in the design, but it has a little bit of red blended in with its colors.

For medium and long hair

Size: 7cm (~ 2.75 in)

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