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Product Image Cream Automatic Ponytail Holder with Crystal Rhinestones

Cream Automatic Ponytail Holder with Crystal Rhinestones


Length: 2.5 inches
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With it's eye catching design, and sparkling gems, this ponytail holder with crystal rhinestones is sure to be a hit with today's youth and the modern woman. When worn in blonde or light brown hair, the outside blends in perfectly with your hair color, while the rhinestones seem to shine straight from your hair. When worn in dark brown or black hair, the whole ponytail holder shines brilliantly, adding elegance to any hair style. There's no perfect hair color for this clip. No matter what your color may be, it will bring out amazing highlights in your hair.

The automatic clip on the back makes it easy to attach to even the thickest or thinnest hair. It's perfect for that special occasion when you wear your hair up, or when you want to go casual, and just want to pull your hair back in a ponytail.

The brilliant rainbow colored hues the rhinestones give off will enhance any outfit you choose to wear with it, from jeans and a shirt to an evening gown. It's perfect for a beauty pageant or just a night out with friends. The unique shape and design add that something extra to any outfit.

For short and medium hair.

Length 7 cm (~2.5 in) 

Material: Acrylic
Manufacturer: Asia
Hand made plastic: Yes

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