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Product Image Barley Twist Banana Clip

Barley Twist Banana Clip


SKU: inc7210
Length: 6.5 inches
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Note: brown color of the actual product is lighter than on the picture. 
The Barley Twist Banana Clip is a larger clip at a length of 16.5 cm long and it would be best in long hair. It can be used in a number of hairstyles and easily adapt to both formal in casual styles. The clip itself is a barley twist in style and is in a beautiful dark red color. 
It would blend in nicely into darker hair but also highlight any existing red highlights in hair. On a lighter color hair it would be a stand out piece and given its dark red barley braid it would certainly draw attention of all around. 
Its eye catching red color is an essential part of any wardrobe and would go well with any formal or casual outfit. The stylish color would compliment brown outfits as well as any other darker neutral colors. It would be a statement piece on lighter and white outfits. It could be used to make a more casual outfit far more formal given its regal design and color.

Barley Twist Banana Clip - 16.5cm (6.5in)

For long hair.

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