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Product Image French Med Ivettes Banana Tortoise Shell Pony

French Med Ivettes Banana Tortoise Shell Pony


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Length: 5.5 inches
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Med Ivettes Banana Tortoise Shell Pony looks a lot like the mouth and teeth of an animated fish, but in a good way. Obviously tortoise shell colored, with lighter and darker mixtures of brown, it looks to be designed to grip the hair very effectively with all the "teeth" within its clasping mouth. It has a small hinge at one end and a twisted clasp at the other end for easy opening and closing.

Because of its varying shades of brown, this clip would disappear in dark colored hair, so could be easily hidden for a variety of hair styles, especially the up-do. The Banana Tortoise Shell Pony would be most visible in light colored hair, like blonde, light brown and some shades of red. The clip could be a nice contrast and could almost look like jewelry for the hair.

Darker outfits, like browns and blacks, would go well with the Med Ivettes Banana Tortoise Shell Pony. Because of it's sleek design it could easily be used to dress up a casual outfit, or accompany something more fashionable. Its versatility could render it very useful for work or play.

For long hair

Size: 13 cm (~5.5 in)

Made in France

Material: Cellulose acetate is a plant-based hypoallergenic plastic. Made primary from cotton linters and wood pulp. It has an exceptional smooth but gripping surface with no static cling. Provides deep brilliant colors with a special light reflection which creates signature appearance.

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