Chrome Color Metal Beak Clip with Teeth - Pair

Chrome Color Metal Beak Clip with Teeth - Pair

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These clips come in pairs of two. They're ideal for any age girl or woman. 

These beak clips are 5 inches long. Metal is what makes up this super large clips. These metal alligator clips are strong and sturdy.

The beak clips are ideal for clipping sections of hair back when styling it. Some instances these clips would be used is when you're blow drying your hair, you're coloring your hair, or when you're relaxing your hair. 

Girls can become creative and wear them in their hair if they want to. They can clip the sides or the back of their hair. These clips are so cute, that they'll want to wear them out! 

Size: 13cm (~5 in)

For medium and long hair

Teeth: yes
Material: metal