Tips on How to Accessorize Short Hair

how to accessorize short hair

If you think that only long hair gets all the fun with the plethora of ways to style and accessorize the hair, then you’re mistaken. There are lots of ways that you can accessorize short hair. Many people choose to go with a short hairstyle because it’s efficient, or it just suits the look. Below are some ideas to add some jazz and flare to short hair.

Bobby Pins

There are many bobby pins out there with flowers, rhinestones, and other decorative elements that can be used for various different looks. If you’re trying to achieve a more formal and neat look, or if you have bangs, try using bobby pins to pin the bangs back. You can also be creative and try pinning your hair to different sides for dramatic looks. Use a single pin anywhere on the side of your head as a simple way of changing your look without a lot of time and effort. Alternatively, use a few pins in a row to add emphasis to your style.

Blond Kirby GripsSmall Black Kirby Grips and Side Hair Pins are versatile hair pin options for accessorizing short hair.

Barrettes / Hair Clips

Barrettes or hair clips come in many different styles and shapes, and they can be short hair’s best friends. Select barrettes with shorter length for short hair. To make a statement, gather the sides of your hair and pin them back using a beautiful barrette. Barrettes with unique designs can show your individuality and uniqueness. They can also be used to match your outfit of the day.

Need some barrette / hair clip ideas? Here are our top picks for the best hair clips for short hair:

pair of small hair clips

Flowers and  Butterflies

Adding flowers to your hair can result in a soft and feminine look. You can use real or man-made flowers, and use one or a couple in a row (such as putting flowers around the crown of your head). Adding flowers to your hair when you have an up-do can produce a more sophisticated look. Another common way is to combine a flower with a pin. To do this, pin your hair behind one hear and then add a flower where the pin is. This will create a neat and beautiful look.

GladHair offers pins that can pair great with flowers, as well as pin-with-flower combos that will surely dazzle! Check these out:


pair of swarovski hair barrettes with butterflies and flowers

    Hair Combs

    Combs can be used for more than just keeping your hair neat and tangle-free. Use short hair combs to keep your hair together on one side, keep bangs out of the front of your face, or add a splash of colour and style to your hair. The Tortoise Shell French Twist Hair Comb with Rhinestone Roses is particularly great for creating a beautiful and elegant look. The Side Hair Comb with White Flowers can also be a great hair accessory that pairs well with a wedding dress, evening gown, or any white / light-coloured dress.

    Hair Claws & Hair Clamps

    Hair claws and hair clamps are the rage these days. They can be worn by both men and women, and they can be used to achieve many different looks: edgy, chic, modern, unique. Use one or a couple, mix and match different colours, and let your creativity shine. Here are some hair claw & hair clamp options:


      Scarves come in a variety of different styles and colours, and they usually come in nicer designs and materials. Try folding the scarf in half diagonally, put the wide around your hair at the front of your head, and tie it underneath your hair. For a sophisticated and chic look, tie the scarf under your chin like in the ‘50s movie sets. Then add some sunglasses. For something more unique, tie several scarves together at the ends, then twist them until they are thin and tie them around your head like a headband. Another way to wear a scarf with short hair is to create a bun with the scarf, and pin it to the back for a classic look, or to the top of your head for a modern look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative!


      There are many ways that you can wear a headband. The most common way is to wear it from the base of your neck to just above the hairline to hold your hair, or to help keep your face clear of bangs or side hair. Different colours and patterns on headbands can add a new dimension to short hair, and a fun way to match with your outfit. You can also get creative with headbands, such as tying them in different knots or using 2-3 of them at the same time. If you plan on using a few headbands at once, select ones that are thinner or narrower. Mixing and matching different coloured and patterned headbands can make you stand out and be seen as a trend-setter.


      Bandanas are just as diverse as scarves and headbands. You can fold them over a few times and wear them like a headband. Many people wear them to the gym, when running errands such going to the grocery store, and any casual place.

      Spray-On Highlights

      Non-permanent highlights can produce an edgy, hip, or modern look that accentuates the colour of your hair. This option is also great when you have an up-do. For a shimmering night out in town, use a spray-on glitter.

      Short hair can be just as versatile as medium and long hair when it comes to styling and accessorizing.

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