Tips for Getting Ready for a Night Out

After a whole week of work and other busy errands, everyone deserves a day or weekend to relax and have fun. After all, the old saying of “work hard, play hard” still rings true. For many, getting ready for a special event or night out in town is as much fun as the event or ‘night out’ itself. But there are some who dread the process of getting ready because it involves a lot of planning, decision making, and tasks that can feel like chores. The stress and worries of the process of getting ready can be taken out by planning in advance. Here are our tips for a worry-free, fun, and enjoyable “getting ready” time before that special event.

1) Select your outfit ahead of time. 

The outfit should match the event or occasion. If it’s going to be a formal event taking place in the evening, look through your closet for an evening gown or dress that might be suitable. Perhaps you want to wear something new and different this time. In this case, allocate enough time to visit the mall or store to browse and try on different outfits. Shopping at the last minute, or on the same day of the event, would make it rushed and not as enjoyable.

If there are multiple components for the outfit, make sure that they are pre-selected and ready to go. This means making sure that they are clean, dry, and ironed (if required). Take them to dry cleaning ahead of time if needed.

Besides the main dress, shirt, pants, and/or skirt that you’re going to wear, don’t forget about all the other matching components – jacket, shoes, and other accessories (to be discussed in a later section). The footwear should match your main outfit. However, most important of all, they should be comfortable and not cause blisters after a few hours of being worn. If you have brand new shoes that had never been worn before, try easing into them by “trial wearing” them. You can do this by trying to walk up and down a hallway, across the room, or outside in your backyard with the new shoes. If you think that they might cause blisters, put on heel protectors (which can easily stick inside the shoes, lining the heels part). You can easily get these at any drug store, retail pharmacy, or supermarket.  

2) Have a few different options available.

It never hurts to have Option B, and perhaps Option C. Some people prefer to pick a few different outfit options that they can decide on closer to the date and time of the event, or to have backup options in case one does not pan out. 

3) Plan your hair and makeup arrangements 

If you plan on getting your hair and makeup done professionally, arrange these and schedule your bookings ahead of time. This might involve getting to the hair salon or having a makeup artist come to your place to help you get ready, and it usually requires booking at least a few days in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute, as bookings can get filled up. If you plan on a DIY approach, be sure to have all the equipment and supplies ready. If you check and plan ahead of time, there would be no need to do a last-minute run to the store for a certain colour of eye shadow or eyeliner that might need replacement. 

4) Accessorize!

Once the main outfit is selected and you have settled on your hair-do and makeup, accessorizing is usually the fun part. Hair typically gets the most attention, and it’s for a good reason. Many hair accessories are available to help ‘glam up’ your look, so you will be sure to dazzle on the dance floor (or in any event, for that matter). Barrettes are a good bet for adding jazz to your already beautifully styled hair. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and styles. Here are some ideas:

If you’re looking for something small to hold a bit of loose strands of hair together, or to make the hair appear neater, hair pins and snap hair clips are your best friends. There are solid coloured ones that come in natural hair colours, so they can easily blend in with your hair and not appear as noticeable. For examples:

Some hair pins and clips are also adorned with ornaments that can complement the hair style. How about these ones for inspiration:

Other accessories that can be used to dress up your outfit are scarves, handbags, and jewelleries (which include earrings, necklace, bracelets, and rings).

There you have it – some tips to ensure that your night out goes smoothly, and to make the process of getting ready as fun as the anticipated event itself. Happy accessorizing!

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