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hair accessories for men with long hair

Special thanks for this article to "the men with a long hair" for sharing his personal experience:

"Being a man with long hair puts you in a tough position when it comes to finding hair products that are suitable for you. I know from experience, like many men I grew my hair out during the pandemic quarantine. I was also forced to test out some different hair accessories that I had never dreamed of using in the past.

The main thing most men with long hair are looking for is practicality and to not draw attention to the fact that they are using products that are usually targeted towards women. That being said, some of the best products for men with long hair feature neutral colors and typically are smaller and less noticeable than some bright colored or oversized hair accessories. It is all about practicality and maintaining a more masculine style when using hair accessories. I am highlighting 3 of my favorite products when it comes to keep my long hair in check: elastic, mini clamps, and mini claws.   


This pack of 18 features great quality hair elastics that would fit with any hair color or outfit. There are multiple different sizes for thicker hair or tighter ponytails and buns. I find I usually have a favorite hair elastic that I wear until it breaks, these won’t break down easily so you can rotate depending on what look you are going for. Great for using at work where you might need to tie your hair back.

I have had to dig through piles of my girlfriend’s hair elastics countless times to find one that I feel comfortable wearing outside. Now, I have had to hide these because my girlfriend kept taking my elastics, for once.

These hair elastics are great as well because they don’t pull at all, which can lead to hair loss and hair breakage. The various sizes will also accommodate different stages of hair growth as well.

Black Mini Plastic Clamps

Also available in my favorite “tortoise-shell” brown style, these clamps are small enough to not be noticed while being strong enough to hold your hard-to-tame hairs neatly in place. I would suggest getting both colors to allow for flexibility with different looks as they are stylistically very flexible.

Tortoise Small Plastic Claws

Sold in pairs, these are meant for men with medium length hair and look great on any hair color. I’ve always loved the tortoise shell pattern whether it be with sunglasses or hair claws. Pair with a great set of Wayfarers and you’ve got a classic, stylish look.

Both the clamps and the claws are great for hair care and maintenance as well as daily wear. They make trimming facial hair and neck hair much easier as it keeps those areas clear of any rogue locks of hair.

The clamps and the claws are both very durable and well made. The springs and the plastic are both very high quality andAs I mentioned earlier, hair accessories for men with long hair can be hard to find. However, Glad Hair has several great options for any of your hair accessory needs.

Men with long hair sometimes get criticized because it is not in line with the traditional gender styling norms. I understand if their hair is messy and unkempt in an environment that requires more formal styles, but keeping it tidy is easy with just a little bit of outside help. You are a multi-dimensional man, and your hair should reflect this, no matter what the environment.

There are plenty of great options to be found at Gladhair for men with long hair. The wide selection of quality, practical products will help keep your hair tidy and stylish. Whatever the activity is, you want to keep looking your best."

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