Hair Accessories for Men

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Hair accessories are not just for women; they are trendy, stylish, and functional for men too. There are hair accessories for both short and long hair for men. Here are the roundups of the most common hair accessories for men. 


Many soccer / football players wear headbands to keep the hair pulled back, so it does not get in the way during games and practice. Headbands are especially popular with football players such as Fernando Torres and Sergio Ramos when they had long hair. Even those with short hair may choose to wear headbands to make sweat around the face more manageable. Besides their highly functional purpose, headbands are also worn for a cool fashion look. 

Stylish headbands for men:

Alice Bands

Alice bands are a type of headband that is harder because it is made of plastic. They do not go around the whole head like a headband, but they are set behind the ears. The name comes from “Alice in Wonderland”, who wears the iconic headband. The purpose of this type of headband is the same as regular headbands – to keep hair on the front and side sections of the head pulled back. In terms of variety, there aren’t as many Alice band varieties to choose from (compared to regular headbands). 

Some football players such as David Beckham and Hollywood actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio have worn Alice bands for their long hair. 


A bandana is a piece of cloth – similar to a handkerchief – that is folded and then tied to your head. It is comparable to a do-rag or wave cap. Bandanas come in many colours, designs, and patterns, making them a popular hairstyle accessory for both men and women. They are especially adorned and often used by bikers. Tennis player Rafael Nadal is known for using bandanas to style his hair for playing tennis matches.

Hair Elastic Ties 

Just like headbands, hair elastics are also popular among male sport players with long hair. For men with long hair, hair elastics are used to tie the hair into a ponytail or man bun hairstyle. This gives the long hair a clean and neat look. Hair elastics also go by various names, including hair ties and scrunchies. Scrunchies are usually made of softer elastics. To prevent hair damage, choose hair elastics without metal bits in them. carries neutral-coloured elastic ties that are great for creating ponytail and buns:

Bobby Pins 

Bobby pins are hair pins that are clipped to the hair to make it stay in a certain shape or style you want. They are functional and versatile because they come in many different colours, including natural hair colours that can make them easily blend into your hair. Men with medium or long hair usually wear them to keep loose strands of hair pulled back so the hair appears neater.

Bobby pins are also useful for keeping wigs and certain hats intact. For this reason, bobby pins are popular in the arts, entertainment, and theatre industry, where stage and on-screen performers have to wear wigs or certain types of hats for their roles.

Here are bobby pins that resemble natural hair colour:

Click here to see more varieties of hair pins available for sale. Bobby pins are very inexpensive, so you can easily buy a lot of them without breaking the bank. Most sellers offer packs of multiple pins in a bundle.


Small Hair Claws and Clamps 

Small Hair Claws complimentary fashion clips for fine or shorter length hair. These clips do not grab an abundance of hair, but they are tight and strong to lift. They can separate hair for a layered appearance on the crown of the head. Solid black colour gives a bold contrast to blonde, silver, or gray hair, or may be used for dark hair shades to give an invisible lift to the gathered locks. Lighter coloured ones provide a nice contrast to darker coloured hair. 

Check out these selections:

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