Best Hair Accessories for Doing Sports and Going to the Gym

Hair Accessories for Sport and Gym

For those with medium to long hair, having hair accessories that would keep hair getting in the way of exercising is a must in the gym bag. The most popular of these hair accessories is the good old basic hair tie or elastic band. There are also other hair accessories that do a great job in keeping hair out of the way when working out. Headbands do a great job in keeping the front and side parts of your hair pulled back neatly, so they would stay in one place. 

When selected correctly, hair clips can substitute the functions of both the hair tie and headband. In general, larger hair clips with bigger claws should be used for the back of the hair (to tie the hair together), and smaller hair clips can be used on the sides and front to keep the loose hair strands or bangs pulled back.

Here are our recommendations for the best hair accessories for doing sports and working out.


Accessories to Tie the Hair Back

Large hair clips can take on the role of a hair tie. These hair clips need to have big enough grip to hold the volume of hair together in one place.

Elastic Hair Ties – These are the classic ties to create ponytails and full buns.

Extra Large Patented French Tortoise Plastic Hair Claw – This hair clip is 6” in size, and it has a covered spring and an exceptional smooth but gripping surface with no static cling. The material is cellulose acetate, which is a plant-based hypoallergenic plastic. The claw is large enough to grip and hold your thick hair together, without having to worry about it falling out as you do everyday activities.

Octopus-Shaped Plastic Hair Claws – These have a good amount of grip to hold hair at the back. They come in a variety of different colours and designs, and will also do the trick for helping to hold hair up or pulled back.


Accessories to Pin Loose Hair Strands

Smaller hair clips such as bobby pins, those with smaller claws, and flatter-style pins can be used to take care of hair on the sides, or loose hair strands that might get in the way.

Hair Pins – These include bobby pins, and are perfect if you have only a few small strands of hair that you want to pin neatly together in one place.

Snap Hair Clips – These are small in size and easy to ‘snap’ on, making them the ideal solution if you have just tiny pieces of hair dangling on the side or front of your face. They differ from hair pins in that they are able to hold a slightly larger volume of hair together. Snap hair clips come in different colours and styles. Some are simple, solid coloured ones that can blend in with your hair colour (such as black). These would be the ideal ones for exercising, as they tend to be lighter. The ones with ornaments such as butterflies and other decorative elements tend to be a bit heavier, but would still do the trick. The simple, solid-coloured ones are:


Accessories for the Front Part of the Hair

Hair Combs – Hair combs are a direct substitute for hair bands. They can be used to pull the hair back and keep it in place neatly, so you can be rest assured that no hair would get in the way in front of your eyes or face.

The following “like headbands” accessories can be used like hair combs. The comb side goes in first, and then slide it into your hair so it goes all the way around your head. Think of it as a hair comb with extra security because it wraps around your head, with less chance of the comb slipping to the side.

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