7 Best Hair Clips for Long Hair

7 best hair clips for long hair

Let’s face it. At any given time in any woman’s life (especially if you have long hair), a bad hair day can come along. So, what are you to do? Well, that’s easy. Hair clips can be the perfect answer and here is our review of the seven best hair clips for long hair:

1. Beak Clips

These clips offer curved radians for fitting comfortably and the beautiful sleek arched design means no gaps force that is good and strong for clamping. In addition, the beak shape forcefully clamps onto your hair and the special patterns are excellent for decorating your hair. The simple elegant designs at Gladhair.com can be easily matched with numerous clothing styles and color combinations plus they're quite durable and lightweight. And, best of all, the choices are endless when it comes to colors and your fave adornments like butterflies, flowers, and colored stones. Bring on the bling!

2. Banana Clips

Banana clips are exceptionally versatile and here are some of the many amazing hairstyles that you can easily achieve by using them:

A. Banana Clip Braided Ponytail

B. Banana Clip Side Ponytail

C. Simple Banana Clip Ponytail

D. Banana Clip Braid

E. Ultimate Modern Hairstyle w/ Banana Clip

F. Banana Clip Bun

G. Classic Updo w/ Banana Clip

H. Braided Banana Clip Bun

I. Shoshanna Banana Clip Bun

J. French Twist w/ Banana Clip

3. Alligator Clips

Alligator Clips can give you that sophisticated long hair looks that you love. They're perfect for a number of hairstyles, including many of those that are listed under Banana Clips. And, they're available with some amazing adornments like acrylic bows to match your mood.

4. Claw Hair Clips

Keeping your hair off the back of your neck is a must in the hot weather. What you need is to put it up and then have it stay there while still looking fashionable. One surefire way for achieving both of those objectives is by using claw hair clips. They're dependable and easy-to-use for keeping your long hair beautifully secured in place. These clips are the perfectly fashionable, no-slip hair accessory designed to suit your active lifestyle. And, they work just as well if you have fine hair as they do on thick hair.

5. Handmade Hair Clips

Nothing says one-of-a-kind style like beautiful hair clips made in France of handmade materials. You're sure to love the GladHair.com selection of styles and colors to suit all of your haircare needs.

6. Snap Hair Clips

Snap hair clips are the epitome of versatility and ease-of-use. They're a truly trendy accessory for all kinds of styles and work well with every outfit. The best part about the GladHair selection is that you can get them in plaid, tortoiseshell, brightly-colored florals, daisies, butterflies, even horses. And many of them have blingy colored stones for extra sparkle!

7. Luxury Hair Clips

GladHair luxury hair clips are made in France and offer that special European flair. You might think that beautiful luxury hair clips would be expensive but GladHair strives to be continually offering the very best prices possible so that you can easily afford an extensive selection of these amazing luxury hair clips to suit every outfit in your wardrobe.


So, what do all of these amazing hair clips have in common? You can find a ton of them in all colors, sizes, and styles at our store. Keep it your go-to site for all things related to Hair Accessories. Every one of them is perfectly suited to life on-the-run, which seems to be the new reality for women of today.

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