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Product Image Snowflake Elastics - Pair

Snowflake Elastics - Pair

$5.95 USD

Length: 1.75 inches
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Snowflake elastics are a great way to show your winter spirit. They are made with a plain white elastic rubber band. Then there are little snowflakes attached to the elastic. These elastics can be used on most any type of hair. Snowflake elastics are a great way to season up your hair. They can be used as a pony tail holder by pulling back all of your hair and securing it with the snowflake elastic.

You can also use this elastic to pull back only part of your hair back and leave half of it down to get your hair out of your eyes. Since these elastics are generally white they will match any color outfit that you wear. It will be a bit more festive if you include a shirt with some winter cheer as well.

You could add a pin with a snowflake to match the snowflake elastic. You can use your own style to dress up this elastic. It is a versatile clip that can be as dressy or as casual as you choose to make it. So use your own imagination and make the elastic your own, and in the long run show your holiday spirit.

Elastic Size: ~4cm before stretching (~1.75in)

For medium and long hair.