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Product Image Small Sleepies with Motif - Card of 4

Small Sleepies with Motif - Card of 4


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Length: 1 inches
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The small sleepies with motif are a versatile hair clip for little girls. These snap clips are good for any texture, fine or thick, curly or straight hair. They can be used in a variety of ways including on a headband, next to an elastic, or alone and just holding the hair.

The small sleepies with motif have a sturdy snap that won't slip out and are are approximately 1" long (2.5 cm). These clips are quality built with durability in mind so the motif won't come off no matter what your little girl does to them. They're made of pure metal but have a plastic coating making them rust-resistant and comfortable to wear. You can get flowers, butterflies, ladybugs or strawberries in 4 different colors.

The small sleepies with motif are sold by set and will work well in short, medium or long hair. These clips are appropriate for any occasion from outside play, to preschool, to Sunday best. Your little girls will appreciate showing her favorite motif off with these small sleepies.

Small Sleepies with Motif - card of 4. Assorted colors.

For short, medium and long hair.

Size: 2.5cm (~1 in)