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Product Image Single Crystal Hair Pins - Pair

Single Crystal Hair Pins - Pair

$5.95 USD

SKU: inc5580
Length: 2.5 inches
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The single crystal hair pin is a formal hair accessory that boasts an individual 6.5 cm crystal set on a silver pin. This style hair pin is perfect for lifting and dressing medium thickness hair, at the shoulder length or longer. Consider wearing both pins on one side as well as one on either side for a fun change.

Wear the single crystal hair pin during the day for special occasions or add it as a sparkling touch for an evening affair, such as a dinner party or even a wedding. The simplicity of the single crystal hair pin allows the versatility of wearing it for many types of occasions. But it does shine in the evening, and particularly in darker hair colors. Black, dark red, emerald green, are just a few evening colors that will enhance the beauty of this hair clip. It is subtle in its design, but elegant enough to dress your hair without being too showy.

Single Crystal Hair Pin 6.5 cm - pair