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Product Image Handmade Natural Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace

Handmade Natural Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace


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Length: 7.8 inches
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Length:  20cm (7.8in)

Amber is a natural fossilized resin from extinct evergreen trees, which has taken between twenty-five and fifty million years to harden. The most well-known source is the baltic coast. Many pieces contain seeds or pollen grains that were originally absorbed into the resin when it was sticky, then became trapped there permanently. Amber is most commonly found in beautiful yellow or deep golden shades, although green, red, brown, and white are also available. Because amber is a resin, it is very soft as a material - it is also lightweight and smooth to touch.
In healing, the golden-yellow colour of amber is warming and cheering to the spirits, bringing a sense of renewal and recharged energy levels. It is extremely popular to this day as jewelry, mainly in rings, pendants, brooches and earrings.

Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind, hand-made and often finished with beaded chains no one in north america is making anything similar.

The art of jewelry making has been passed from generation to generation and made with care and love.

Any woman of any age is proud to wear our high quality, beautiful art pieces.

Our Amber jewellery is unique. No one in North America makes anything like this. Each piece is different from every other piece and has its own charm and character. This amber is 55 million years old and contains 350 shades. Our creations are custom manufactured combinations of different forms and colours of amber and other jewellery components. Each piece is handmade. The elaborate beadwork techniques have been carried from generation to generation. Any woman will have her beauty enhanced by these one of a kind pieces. The complements that she will undoubtedly receive are an added bonus.

Please note that colors can vary from originals depending on computer monitor’s settings.

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