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Floral French Banana Pony Twist Lock

Floral French Banana Pony Twist Lock

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Floral -French banana pony twist hair clips are just that: hair clips for your hair. Hair clips can be used for so many different occasions from dressed formally to very casual. They can also be used on many different types of hair.

The floral -French banana hair clip, is black in color, almost looks like a flower when worn in the hair. The best hair type for this hair clip would be medium length and medium thickness. It would work on almost any type of hair except thin hair. The best hair colors for this clip would be auburn and brunette, it would blend in with black hair.

This hair clip would almost work for any occasion also. You could wear it o a cocktail party, which you might have to attend after work. Grab your hair clip to fix hair if you are in a hurry. You should try to match your hair clip to the color of clothing you are wearing, or to your accessories. You can also wear a hair clip with casual clothing. Hair clips are a very versatile accessory that any female should own.

For long hair.

Lenght 13 cm (~5.25 in)

Made in Europe