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Product Image Coloured Motif Sleepies - Pair

Coloured Motif Sleepies - Pair


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Length: 1.5 inches
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These bright colored spring collection hair clip assortments are perfect for most hair types and hair colors. Dark, thick hair can be given some attitude or light thin hair can be fashionably held in place with these easy snap closure hair accessories. The secure snap closure is great for slick or thin hair as it tightly fastens around the hair for a stay in place style. Thick hair is easily maintained with these clips as well, due to their strong grip.

Wear these clips with a plain colored t-shirt or with any exotic colored spring ensemble and wear them for any occasion! Young girls will find these clips especially useful as they have great hold and will keep hair out of the way and neat without pulling hair out or hurting the head and are easy to use. With these clips you do not have to worry about fixing your hair over and over, they stay put the first time! Best of all, these clips can be mixed and matched and worn together two at a time or more!

Coloured Motif Sleepies - pair

Comes in 2 set of colours:

*Red: Red Strawberry, Yellow Butterfly, Blue Heart and Pink Flower

*Pink: Pink Strawberry, Blue Butterfly, Purple Heart and Yellow Flower

For short, medum and long hair.

Size: 3.5cm (~1.5 in)