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Product Image Bright Colored Beak Clips - Card of 6

Metal Bright Colored Beak Clips - Card of 6

$6.00 USD

SKU: inc6533
Length: 2.25 inches
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The Beak hair clip gets its name from the appearance of the clip; it is thicker at one end and thinner at the other, mimicking a bird's beak. This hair clip is a commonly used clip that can be used with many different hairstyles and types of hair; however, it compliments thick, straight hair the most. 

Women can wear this Beak clip to business and casual occasions because this clip is very versatile for different occasions. The outfit you wear also plays a key role in dressing up the clip. If you are going to a casual outing with friends you can wear this clip with jeans and a nice shirt, however, if you are attending a meeting at work, you can also dress this clip up by wearing a skirt/suit that has pale green in it or black because it will help accentuate the color of the clip and help give it a sleek look while in your hair.

Size: 5.5cm (~2.25in)