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Product Image Bi Color Button Hair Claw

Bi Color Button Hair Claw


SKU: CAR8530
Length: 2.5 inches
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The Bi Color Button Hair Claw is a metallic purple color on the bottom half and on the top there is a red jewel. It is seven centimeters long. The hair clip is skinny. The prongs are linear and then the clip makes a semi-circle at the top. In the middle of the top the oval shaped red jewel is placed.

The clip is very small so it works best with thin hair, however it would work for someone with thick hair that wants to only put half of their hair up. The Bi Color Button Hair Claw is perfect for a little girl or teenager or if an older person just wants to wear it to school, a family barbecue or to somewhere else casual. It can match an outfit of a variety of colors; white, black, gray, purple or red. A person with any color hair can use this clip.

Size: 7 cm (~2.5 in)