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Product Image Christmas Glitter Snowflake Beak Clip – Pair

Christmas Glitter Snowflake Beak Clip – Pair

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Length: 3 inches
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The Beak Clip Christmas Glitter Snowflake Is a uniquely design hair item. It is specially designed for use with the winter holiday season and comes with a white snowflake set in the center of a soft feathery piece of ostrich fluff. This feather is also white and the clip it is attached to is available in white or red. The red clip with the white accent makes a very festive look to wear with a stylish red and white holiday dress. This color would look really good with black or dark brown hair, which would make the red and white look very elegant. 

The all white design would look very nice with shades of red hair as well as blond. This clip could be worn with a sweater outfit designed for the holidays as well. It is a nice way to accent a sweater that has a snowflake pattern on it. They would look equally nice worn by a child or an adult and could be used to accent a little girl's pigtails. The clips could be placed on the sides of the head to enhance a single long braid as well. Women with short hair styles could wear them on the side for a creative effect.

Beak Clip Christmas Glitter Snowflake – pair

Size: 7cm (~3in)