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Product Image Large Cream Looped Fabric and Feather Fascinator on a Clear Comb

Large Cream Looped Fabric and Feather Fascinator on a Clear Comb


SKU: INC8321
Length: 6.5 inches
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The rather interesting and definitely baroque cream looped fabric and feather fascinator on a clear comb would work well on any hair type except for red heads and raven hair or pitch black. The startlingly white color would be an attractive hair accessory that could be worn at a prom or church gathering. The comb would also work for a brides' head piece if she were having a small informal wedding and wearing a short cocktail dress.

A fancy dress masquerade ball could also be one place where such an ornate comb would work fabulously with a simple satiny white mask. Since the comb itself will attract attention, it should be work only when the occasion calls for head pieces like at weddings, proms, balls, white tie affairs and other such events. Actually, it should not be misconstrued as a type of hat although it is large enough to be one. It is a hair accessory and could be worn worked in with hair weaves for a grand look at costume parties especially.

For long hair.

Comb Size: 8.5 cm (~ 3.5 in)

Flower Size: ~17 cm (~6.5 in)

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