Best Hair Clips for Thick Hair

women with thick hair

If you’re blessed with voluminous thick hair, consider yourself lucky! There are lots of ways that you can style and accessorize thick hair. Below are some of the ways that you can style and accessorize your hair, including tips on how to reduce frizziness that can sometimes come with thick hair. Minimizing the amount of frizz in your hair should be an important step to take before styling and accessorizing it.

How to Reduce Frizziness

If you have thick hair, humidity can make it poof out, and you may need to use a product to help tame it. Tame puffy hair with a bit of hairspray on your brush. To do this, spritz a little hairspray on your brush before you start brushing your hair. Get it a little damp, and then start with the underside of your hair, so you don't end up with crispy strands of hair on the top of your head. Just a little bit of hairspray can help hold your strands in place.

Keratin-based products are also known to help with frizziness. Try a hydration spray that lists keratin as an ingredient. Keratin is a protein that helps rebuild broken strands, a common problem with thick hair.

Besides hairspray and keratin-based products, various serums and hair oils are also known to reduce hair frizziness, making your strands lay flatter. This will make your hair look silkier and much easier to brush and put hair clips or other accessories on.

Now that you have taken care of frizziness, here are some ideas for styling thick hair, with the best hair clips to use.

Try a Half-Up Do or Pull-Back Style 

Thick hair is perfect for a half-up hairstyle. Your bun will look full and volumized, while also taking some of the thickness out of your bottom layer. To do this, pull up half your hair, smooth the back, and secure the top part of your hair with a ponytail holder or barrette. The best barrettes for a half-up do are:

This pull-back style lets the beauty of your thick hair shine while keeping it more manageable. You can style the rest of your hair however you like, with waves at the bottom or straight hair. 

Create an Easy Top Knot 

To create an easy top knot, start by making a ponytail on your crown. Then twist the hair around the ponytail to create the top knot, and secure it with bobby pins, a ponytail holder, or a hairclip with a large claw. Here are the best picks for holding a top knot together:

Create an Elegant Braid or Fancy Plait 

Having thick hair means getting more bulk and detail in a braid, creating a more interesting look compared to thinner hair. A French braid, a simple braid down your back, or a fishtail braid can easily be secured with smaller hair clips such as Small Unisex Black Solid Hair Claws or Small Black Plastic Clamps.

Use Hair Clips with Large Claws

Whether it be a full ponytail, bun, or any other hairdo, thick hair necessitates hair clips with claws that are large enough to hold the voluminous beauty. We recommend the Extra Large Patented French Tortoise Plastic Hair Claw – this hair clip is 6” in size, and it has a covered spring and an exceptional smooth but gripping surface with no static cling. The claw is large enough to grip and hold your thick hair together, without having to worry about it falling out as you do everyday activities. Other options for hair clips with large claws include Octopus-Shaped Plastic Hair Claws. They come in a variety of different colours and designs, and will also do the trick for helping to hold thick hair up.


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